(Owners Daughter and Father Mining in Arizona)
(Aj Crecelius Owner)
At NW Crystals we are a three generation family run business with a passion for seeking out the finest crystal and mineral specimens in the world and sharing our passion for the aesthetic beauty and metaphysical benefits they provide with our customers.  In addition to some of the finest, unique, high quality specimens in the
world, we offer fine jewelry, fossils, and some natural home accents.
Our desire to share our passion manifests in our friendly and knowledgeable customer service.  In addition to connecting the consumer to unique and beautiful products, we offer a variety of in person events, such as seminars, workshops, and youth classes.

For customers in the Seattle area, come visit us at our Ballard store.  We are focused on building relationships with our customers and supporting and growing the community of people who have a passion for crystals and minerals. It is our mission to transfer our enthusiasm to everyone we come into contact with.

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