Work With Aj

Hello Beautiful People!

It's Aj, your Spiritual Growth Mentor!


I am here to assist and guide you during the evolving stages of your awakening. We will work together to explore what that looks like as a professional in the wellness space, as well as in your personal life. 

When you are feeling unclear on where to go next, I am here to help guide you!  I have created a process to assist in your soul’s work with balance and respect to self.

 I specialize in working with professionals in the wellness space.

- Healers

- Yogis

- Shamans 

- Spiritual Elders 

 As we work through the stages of awakening, more questions will arise.  I love to be transparent and share what it is like to have peace and balance in your life, so you can continue to share your light, and continue to progress down your true path in this life!